Ashley Edmonds

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In a world with internet access and cliff notes, the amount of reading the average person does is decreasing with each generation. In a 1993 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, the largest government-funded national literacy survey to date, stated that the average American reads at an eighth grade reading level. Also, that 25% of Americans will not read a single book within a year. For me I find this very true.

I remember in elementary school when we had such programs such as STAR that would reward kids with prizes for the amount of books they read within the school year. However, even then I could hardly tell you how many I actually finished. For me, starting this habit of only reading part of a book to retain enough information to pass a quiz has followed me into my adult life. To be honest I could not even tell you the last book I actually sat down and read all the way through. Yes, we as students have always had books assigned to us to read, but of course I would procrastinate and end up reading the cliff notes the night before the test. I have always wanted to broaden my interest in books and reading, but I always find myself staring endlessly at the TV or monitor screen. I would really like to work on ending this problem for myself. I feel that if I could make myself set down and read (and finish) I could grow myself greatly as a more intellectual person. But, how do I change a lifestyle of a bad habit, and why is it that over the years we have distanced ourselves from literature?


  1. Great post Ashley. I also remember the STAR days in elementary school, and I do not think I ever finished a single book. The only books I have ever finished cover to cover are the ones we read as a class. I think we all need to broaden our horizon when it come to reading.

  2. Good points Ashley on enhancing are reading and stretching it out beyond what we already know. Your blog post is very intelligent and factual which helps me read it on your level. And do remember the STAR books in elementary school as well, just like Dakota i didn't finish any of them.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post Ashley. You brought up a great point. People really don't read like they use to. I know I don't.I use to love to read but I don't know what happened. I remember programs like STAR in elementary that encouraged us to read.

  4. I've actually never used cliff notes. This day and age gives us a little less incentive to pick up an actual book, but reading still helps. Not only is it about the reading level, but it's also highly improves your writing style.