Ashley Edmonds

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Annotated Bibliography: Franz Kafka vs. Carlos Atanes


  1. Ashley you have a lot of sources to pull information. You did a great job of finding multiple sources to help prove your point. Based on your sources and your question I can't wait to read your essay.

  2. I like your bibliography; it is well organized and it also has good sources. You did a great job by finding all these sources, and they all relate to the question that you want to answer. It takes a lot of time and patient to find good sources like yours. I wish you good luck in your comparative analysis.

  3. Ashley, I agree with Stephanie and Charlotte. This is an excellent annotated bibliography for several reasons. You obviously spent a lot of time looking for reliable and relevant sources. And you made sure that you found sources on all aspects of your essential question. Also, you do an excellent job of annotating your sources in using Storify. I can see exactly how you plan to use each of your sources to answer your essential question. Very well done!