Ashley Edmonds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organizing Thoughts

As a writer I know one of my challenges is organizing my thoughts and getting my point across the way I would like to. When given a topic I find my thoughts racing and struggle in putting my thoughts out there so that my audience understands fully. Students at the earliest ages have various formulas (on how to brainstorm and organize thoughts) engraved into our heads. For example: webs, charts, lists, ect…

However, what if these tools do not help you to your fullest? That is the issue I find sometimes. I know that I can be a great writer, only sometimes it takes me a lot longer then I would like to perfect one of my writing. Sometimes this is the cause of different variables like: If I fully know about what I am talking about. (Like most students in high school I perfected the art of how to bullshit people.), If I really cared about what I was writing about, and If I took my time in writing about the topic.

I would like to improve on these problems. I know every now and then I should research, try to care, and not procrastinate on my writings. Other then these issues, what could I do to help organize my thoughts? [Not including the graphs, charts and webs I already use is there any helpful advice?]


  1. I love the images you included in your post! Charts and brainstorming don't work for everyone. One method you might want to try is free writing (where you just write whatever comes into your head about a topic). Also, you may find Ann Lamott's essay on "Shitty First Drafts" on the writing a rough draft page of the class site has helpful advice on drafting.

  2. Organization is a common problem for most people, including myself. First, you need to know what kind of issue you are going to write about. Then,think about how you can divide your essay and how many aspects you want to write down.So, outline is a good thing to help organize the essay.Finally,think about the order,which part you want to say first, and which part is in the end. Hope you understand what I am talking about, haha.

  3. What a great suggestion, thank you.