Ashley Edmonds

Thursday, January 19, 2012


What are my writings purposes? As I sit here boggling that question– I try to think back to how my love to tell started.

Growing up I remember being artsy in the fact of storytelling, crafting, and presenting my imagination. Everything from music, writing, to drawing I could somehow elaborate enough to capture my audience. Starting with my earliest of age I have always seen myself as a “narrative” person. I am almost certain all of my awards or contest where the result of a story or article but, at what point were my writings me?

As a writer I believe my purpose is to narrate or tell, and I believe this has always my purpose. As an aspiring journalist it is my job to tell and inform my readers, but any writer can do this. However the question is: How can I do this without loosing me?

First aspects I must keep in mind and always improve on.

*Fundamentals: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, without these you are not a writer. From day one as writers we are harped this continuously, but I believe no one ever really masters fully. To me it does not seem possible because, what do they say, eventually when you are good enough you make up your own rules of writing. But, how do you know if you are ever good enough?

*Style-focus and flow: As a reader I do NOT continuously read an author or journalists work I do not enjoy. I believe it is very important to stick to yourself so that your work is recognizable.

In retrospect my goal in writing is to accomplish these two things. 


  1. It's always a little difficult to develop a writing style that you could truly call "your own", especially if most of it is inspired by someone else. However, I believe that the best way to accomplish your goal as far as gaining your own personal style is simply to write how you would talk. Instead of thinking of an online audience, think of it as if you were telling it to your best friend or something of the sort.

  2. I do pull inspiration from a lot of gonzo styled writers. I think the desire to this comes from the inner dialogue conversations I have while in the writing process. My mind usually covers a million topics a minutes so focusing my thoughts in short periods of time can somewhat present a challenge to me at points. However I would like to have a better concept of this and change from talking to, to at.